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Prediction of Marital Commitment Based on Sexual Well-being and Spiritual Health with the Mediatory Role of Responsibility (9505 Downloads)
Comparative study on “Improvement of Quality of Life” from the Viewpoint of Islam and Positivist Psychologists (3036 Downloads)
Cupping therapy and effect on the Immune system (2308 Downloads)
The relationship between locus of control and religious believe with students' mental Health (2285 Downloads)
Mystery of the Holy Quran and Narratives Emphasize the Consumption of Olive (2143 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Effects of Date Palm on Childbirth Based on the Scientific Interpretation of Verses 26-23 of Surah Maryam (As) in the Holy Quran (1873 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship Between Relying on God and the Psychic Health of the Students in Neka Islamic Azad University (2010) (1793 Downloads)
The orientation of Health nutrition with emphasis on Quranic teachings (1700 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Relationship between Islamic Lifestyle and Students’ Mental Health at Birjand University (1689 Downloads)
A Survey of the relationship between religious orientation and marital adjustment among couples (1563 Downloads)
How do female adolescents express their spiritual needs? A Qualitative Study (1538 Downloads)
The relationship between spiritual intelligence and positive thinking among students of Babol University of Medical Sciences (2012-2013) (1525 Downloads)
Relationship between attachment styles and spiritual intelligence with religious attitudes of Secondary school students in Amol city, 2014 (1493 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Relationship between Religious Attitude and Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Students of Guilan University (1435 Downloads)
A Novel Approach to Reference to Medical Narrations (1432 Downloads)
A survey of the role of spiritual health and its related factors in the patients with metastatic digestive cancer (1388 Downloads)
The study of the relation between suicidal thoughts and religious belief in patients under methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) of Sari in 2013 (1312 Downloads)
Euthanasia in the medical history of the West and Islamic world (1285 Downloads)
Evaluation of Spiritual Health Status and Its Relationship with Demographic Characteristics of Hemodialysis Patients (1280 Downloads)
Effect mercy verses of Quran voice on the level of anxiety in Zabol University of medical sciences’ students before the exam (1228 Downloads)
Prediction of Difficulty in Emotional Adjustment Based on Spiritual Intelligence among Criminals at Mashhad Prison (1205 Downloads)
Study of instructors' spiritual factors in medical science education by emphasizing on revealed teachings (1202 Downloads)
Remedial astonishments of fig and its hidden mysteries in the holy Quran and medicine (1142 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Mahdavi Teachings in Psychological Well-being and Life (1104 Downloads)
Investigation into the Role of Religiosity and its Dimensions in Predicting of Marital Commitment of Personnel of State Welfare Organization of North Khorasan (1076 Downloads)
mn (1050 Downloads)
The role of Religious behaviors in health promotion of Iranian Elderly women A: qualitative study) (1019 Downloads)
The Correlation between Spiritual Well-being and Happiness in the Administrative Staff of Semnan University of Medical Sciences (1005 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Relationship between Spiritual Health, Self-Esteem and Impulsivity in Students of Shahid Chamran University (991 Downloads)
Population decrease and its effect on the health of individual and Family from the perspective of Islam (980 Downloads)
Familiarity with Quran and Its Relationship with Mental Health among University Students (979 Downloads)
A Survey of the effects of pork consumption on human physical and mental health based on Islamic Narratives and Medical Parasitology (938 Downloads)
Relationship of adherence to prayer and mental health at Iran Khodro Co employees in west of Tehran (922 Downloads)
An Investigation of Students' Spiritual Vitality at Golestan University of Medical Sciences (912 Downloads)
The relationship between spiritual experience and its components with resilience in students of Razi University (2013) (904 Downloads)
A Survey of Students' Level of Knowledge and Performance regarding the Use of Foodstuffs and Herbs Recommended by Quran at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (902 Downloads)
An Investigation of the Relationship between the Dimensions of Prayer and Spiritual Health among Patients under Dialysis in Ilam, Iran (887 Downloads)
Comparison of the Role of Religious Beliefs in Hopefulness and Quality of Life among Cancer and Non-cancer Patients (854 Downloads)
Xenotransplantation from the Perspective of Medical Jurisprudence and Law Viewpoints (840 Downloads)
The Influence of Trust in God on Mental Health with an Emphasis on Quranic Teachings (819 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Religious Teachings in Reducing Anxiety in Pregnant Women (819 Downloads)
Relationship of Psychological Well-being and Happiness with Religious Orientation among Female Students (807 Downloads)
Biologic Effects of Decorative Use of Gold on Male Fertility Based on Islamic Narratives (794 Downloads)
An Overview on Therapeutic Effects of Garlic and Onion in Traditional Medicine and Islamic Narrations (748 Downloads)
Prediction of Life Satisfaction Based on Self-esteem and Spiritual Intelligence (744 Downloads)
A survey of Relationship between Child Upbringing Styles and Religious Attitude and Mental Health in Girl Students (719 Downloads)
The effectiveness of Religious coping Skills training on women’s emotional intelligence in Mashhad (658 Downloads)
An Investigation into the Dimensions of Prayer in Cancer Patients (652 Downloads)
The Experiences of Pregnant Women and Mothers of Hospitalized Neonates In application of Healing Power of Quran to Promote Health in Golestan University of Medical sciences (2012) (622 Downloads)
Designing an Organ Donation Model Based on Variables of Social Ethics, Altruism, and Religiousness (619 Downloads)
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